Saturday, 4 June 2011

The best things come in small packages: Every cloud has a silver lining...

I'm back at last...

First of all I wasn't very well with one of those nasty spring colds that hits your chest and doesn't want to leave it...but then I discovered an almost magical cure here.

I took some time off work and did a spot of hand stitching...

...and I discovered Bones...

I'm now thoroughly hooked and have to record any episode that's ever run...I'm not sure when I'll ever watch them all...there are six series!

Then a small package arrived...

It contained a lovely set of handmade glass fridge magnets decorated with original artwork by Deanna Maree. All carefully parcelled up with a lovely handmade card and cute gift tag a kind gift from Tracey to celebrate her 400th blog post "Celebrating holidays and milestones" over at Quiet Paws (compulsive blog reading for me.)

It's actually much too nice to put on my fridge. If you've seen my fridge you'll understand why! I'm thinking of investing in a nice new magnetic notice board for my study...just to show them off...

There's lots been going on since then...visiting and having visitors, new acquisitions and renovations, meeting up with an artist to assist (or be part of) his project...I'll try and catch up soon...all exciting...


  1. Glad to hear the 'cure' has helped (thanks for passing my tip on!). Life sounds full of exciting things for you at the moment (the glass magnets are lovely) and I'm looking forward to hearing more about the artist project.

    I think I've mentioned before that I'm a huge 'Bones' fan but we are up-to-date with our DVD releases and although we saw the first few episodes of Season 6 it was pulled from TV without any warning - most frustrating!!

  2. Oh I didn't know you were a Bones fan Caz. It's a shame about series 6 hopefully that will go to DVD too.

    I've always had a bit of a thing for detective/forensic stories...ever since I was a little girl wanting to be an archeologist/detective/reporter...too much comic book reading I think!

    I know you're degree is Archeology...which sounds awesome. I always had my head in books on ancient Egypt and visualised myself dusting off ancient bones deep in the middle of a tomb...shades of Indiana Jones!

  3. HI Debby
    so glad you're back and better. Terrible isn't how we often get sick when we try to take a break. Your mention of the artist friend reminded me to mention that I have interviewed a friend for my blog ( I struggle with the mix of full-time job and energy for creative pursuits. So I am asking around to see how other people keep going, and smiling. How do you manage to do so much? Cheers

  4. Thanks so much Jodie, and sorry it's taken me until now to reply.

    I've read your interview over on Homespun Bliss and really enjoyed the insight into your friends life. Please keep on writing such interesting interviews.

    I feel that at the moment I'm the last person to ask about the struggle...I seem to be loosing it a bit...

    I just love making things. Whether that be a cake an art project, a vegetable patch. I sometimes seem to have just too many projects on the go at once. Recently I've been concentrating on those within the house and so my art work has gone by the way a bit, although I'm always thinking about and working mentally on ideas. For example for workshops later in the year and also for the project with artist Steven WIllats who I'm meeting up with on Sunday.

    Some things seem to get a little bit neglected at times but it's a case of prioritising...some things have to be done others like ironing duvet covers...not so much...can you tell that I hate ironing! As long as people don't get neglected iI think t's ok...

    I hope that you have a good creative weekend Jodie
    By for now,

  5. hi ya Deb
    You've been so busy this week creating such interesting posts (and doing great things). Good for you
    And I am taking your advice about not neglecting friends and catching up with lots this weekend. Its important to let our friends inspire us. Cheers!