Saturday 21 May 2011

Forgot about The Selby and other Blogs I Love to Read

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I'm obsessed with reading blogs related to interiors and design at the moment. Especially Design Sponge and the Rummage blog, that also shares great inspiration for interiors and design with the author's linked tumblr blogs. I first discovered Rummage over on Katie's blog that I've been reading for the longest time. I'd forgotten about The Selby until reminded by Vmichelle who writes bohemian season and who directed us to Closet Visit which she described as 'the fashionista's answer to The Selby.' I wouldn't exactly call myself a fashionista! but I can't think of anything more fun than having a sneak peep inside someone else's wardrobe...can you? Especially Simone LeBlanc's, who has a great house and some lovely outfits; and lots of others I've still to look at.

I found this Selby video of a little bit of Mitch Alfus' life. Who I have to say I'd never heard of before, and I'm not that sure about making loads of things out of leather...even though I do wear leather shoes...I'm a bit confused! But he has the most amazing apartment...if more than a little untidy and such a lovely relationship with his little daughter who is gorgeous, and reminds me so much of H when she was the same age that I had to post it!


  1. Ah, another voyeur. I love it! I was thinking that although the rise of modern technology has probably lessened the intimacies of relationships in the same area, never before would you be able to say "I want to see what an artist's apartment in brooklyn looks like." or "I want to see what the girls in Vancouver are wearing today." It feels as if it's really broadened our worlds.

  2. He gives and takes!

  3. I'm up to my eyeballs in sourcing bathroom products at the moment but can't wait to have some time to peek into some of these wonderful homes and interiors. Hope you're well Deb. Are you enjoying 'The Lacuna'?

  4. Thanks much better now. Like you I had a horrible cold that ended up on my chest and so I took a week off work. But your star anise drink was miraculous and I'm feeling more like my old self.

    I'm loving The Lacuna. It's a very easy read nothing too far any way. It reminds me a little bit of 'Like water for chocolate' with lots of food references. I'm half way through and am dying to continue reading it but I've been really busy and I fall to sleep as soon as my head touches the pillow...

  5. Oh I love peeking in other people's spaces too, and I love browsing around in interiors and design blogs as well ... who can resist pretty things?!? (not me).