Friday 7 October 2011

A's birthday

It was A’s birthday last weekend.  I managed to get him to London to stay with his sister on Friday evening and we’d booked a table at our new favourite Persian Restaurant there Beheshte Barin.  But it was so hard to keep secret the fact that H and her boyfriend were also going to meet us there.  Especially when unusually she hadn’t sent a gift and card, or apologised for not coming to see him, or even texted. He wanted to ring and talk to her and we tried to put it off.  It was even harder when we got to the restaurant and they were late, and the table was reserved for six! So we delayed ordering and asked for lots of starters and drinks…but it was all worth it.  You should have seen his face when H and B walked in…he was over the moon. 

An amazing evening.  I still think it's the best Persian Restaurant in London for food, ambiance and price...very reasonable.  They even remembered our last visit and came over and thanked me for writing about them on cooking up a storm....ooh fame at last....

It was made even better when H came home with us for a few days...I felt like it was my birthday too...


  1. I love the way your family really takes the time to celebrate birthdays and other special occasions. I come from a family that wasn't really into marking special occasions but I'm trying to make more of an effort with my own children. I also loved your 'Yarn Along' post whichwas just so full of love for Hannah. What a very special relationship you two have.

  2. Thank you Caz. I just love the idea of having memorable days. Especially in the winter time which is why I love Halloween and Christmas so much.

    The best bit is the time together and great food. It doesn't have to be too elaborate, although it's nice if it sometimes is!