Friday, 7 October 2011

My creative space

I can’t take the credit from Mother Nature…she did all the work.  There they were, three new little babies.  Miniatures just like their mum, waiting to be pricked out and given a new tiny home of their own.  

I bow to her greater creativity...

...And yet I somehow feel that I've helped.  I've watered and nurtured the mother plant.  I've shared coffee with her.   I drank the coffee and fed her the grounds.  I pulled off dead leaves and gave her a stick to lean on when she needed it....So in some way I had a small part in the creative process too...

You can see other creative spaces here too...


  1. it's sweet and so comforting, nature is always nurturing us so it feels so right to give back. i like your creative space deb.

  2. What lovely little baby plants. It's wonderful when you can help mother along isn't it?

  3. I hope they thrive, they are so dainly and beautiful.

  4. oh thank you all...I hope they survive. When they grow a little the leaves should have a warm rosy coloured tinge to them. I think they are a kind of succulent.