Monday, 20 February 2012

Day Off

The last day of A's half term holiday and  my day off work.  We walked into town.  Caught the Graham Sutherland exhibition An Unfinished World at MOA, enjoyed his almost childlike way of drawing and forties colours...popped in to see a contemporary exhibition at The Old Fire Station...A quick check in The Ashmolean,  walked back along the river bank catching Oxford students warm up for a regatta...then stole home for take-away supper...

...a bit of a grey day...but a good one...


  1. I took a rowing course through our city. I love it. So much fun. What a great exhibit and so nice to have it close by!

  2. Rowing looks such good fun..we were just watching..The only rowing that I've done is in a rowing boat or canoeing on a lake in Scotland which was beautiful...but that was ages ago...

    We're lucky to have some great museums and galleries in Oxford and we're only an hours drive from London where there are even more...Great when you need a bit of a culture boost to get the creative juices flowing...


  3. Hi Debby, have been thinking of Oxford (and you) after just finishing The Lessons by Naomi Alderman. Have you read it? Sort of like an updated Brideshead (but with more sex!)
    Thanks so much for your wise comments re copyright etc - is a really interesting issue in the internet age, isn't it?
    Your day off looks fabulous...

    1. Hi Lucy, that's nice...No I haven't heard of The Lessons but will google it now...sounds intriguing.

      You're welcome about comments re copyright...I totally agree that it is complicated especially with food related blogs.

      Hope you have a good week.

  4. Looks like a perfect day Debby! A little bit of everything, and then a cosy meal at home at the end ... lovely! :)