Saturday 4 February 2012

Sometimes Simplest Is Best...

Good sourdough or spelt bread, toasted.  Simple canned tuna, drained and then dressed with a touch of mayonnaise, good organic olive oil, vinegar and olives (foodie Christmas gifts complete with little wooden olive bowl...thanks to B)and sprinkling of sumac or lemon juice...topped with baby cherry tomatoes and pretty Winter Purslane...or Quinoa salad with shiitake mushrooms,roasted baby tomatoes with Winter Purslane and Pomegranate seeds...Followed by  a piece of fruit.  Easy.

Eaten whilst enjoying brilliant blue winter skies and houseplants blooming. Pretending that the heat on my back is the warmth of the sun and  not the radiator, and contemplating future long summer days...


  1. Mmmm, often simplest is best and this all looks so delicious. We used to grow miner's lettuce (winter purslane) but haven't for many a year and seeing your picture has transported me straight back to our old allotment. That's a lovely olive bowl too.

    This is a lovely blog you have here and I'm off to explore some more and then investigate the climate change badge.

    1. HI's amazing what memories food conjures up isn't it.

      Thank you for your lovely comments...really kind of you..