Sunday, 10 June 2012


This weekend I've been:

Picking flowers in the rain.
Planting beetroot seeds.
Catching up in London with sweet sister-in-law visiting from Iran who brought us lovely gifts and cooked us amazing Persian food.  
Reading old French magazines that brought back holiday memories. 
Watching The Artist and Midnight in Paris and wanting to wear  1920's dresses and shoes.
Baking spelt bread and making more elderflower cordial.
Completing yet another job application... and crossing my fingers...
Being treated by A to a set of three baskets that I've wanted for at least two years...somewhere to store all those hats and scarves and wrist-warmers, one for each.
Chatting on the phone to one of my sisters and making plans to visit this  exhibition together in a couple of weeks.
Anticipating H's flying visit on her way home from Download
Thinking about new blogger friend and sending good wishes. 

  ...and joining with amanda for weekending


  1. Please tell us more about your amazing sprouting vegetables? I'm intrigued

  2. Hi Jodie,

    They are amazing aren't they...but not mine. I ripped the pages out of a French magazine that I brought back from a holiday a few years ago and stuck on the fridge a couple of days ago because they look so lovely. They are the inspiration for my beetroot seed sowing. I'm wondering if once I've started them off in soil I'll be able to grow them on in water? I suspect that these are vegetables that had started to sprout...I may have a go with some out of the pantry. I think they look beautiful. I think the top ones are sweet potatoes and the other ones look like kohlrabi and beetroot...I seem to remember noticing that I have a ginger root that is beginning to sprout but not sure if that would work...I suppose there's no harm in trying...

    I'll keep you informed


  3. I could look at your beautiful photos for hours Debby, they are so peaceful.
    I would love if the styles went back to the 20's, back when women dressed like women in such pretty dresses and shoes, in styles that would look decent on this body of mine. :)
    I chatted with my sister over the weekend too, it was just what I needed.
    I hope your Monday has started off well and the week is a good one.

    1. Ah thank you Tracey...After I'd posted them I wondered if they looked a little it's nice to think that they are calming.

      I agree about twenties style I watched both films with two of my sisters-in-law and we kept oohing and aahing at all the lovely dresses and cute shoes. They look so comfy to wear too.

      I'm glad you had a good chat with your sister.

      Mine has been a perfect start to the week as Hannah and her friends arrived home safely in the torrential rain and wind this afternoon....covered in mud but safe and sound...just a little niggle because you have been on my mind all day...

      Hope to talk soon.

  4. I think I would like to pull a chair for a chat. Such beauty. Those tomatoes look so good. Many good things to look forward to. Fingers crossed on your job.

    1. How lovely that would be Heather.

      Thanks for the crossed fingers...

      I'm lucky to have so much to look forward too...the best bit is that Hannah is coming home for six months in August...I can't wait we have so many plans of things we want to do together...

      Hope you have a good week,

  5. is that a beet or a sweet potato sprouting?

    i loved midnight in paris!!!i've seen it several times and could watch it several more :)

    1. Hi Amanda,

      The top one is a sweet potatoes...such an amazing colour. The bottom ones are beetroot but I accidently chopped the image in half. You can just see the lovely red leaves peeping out.

      It's an awesome film..imagine meeting all those amazing writers and surreal and the final scene by Shakespeare & co increases my longing to visit Paris again sometime soon.

  6. I have one sister and I love her dearly! I love your kitchen :)

  7. You can't beat sisters and I'm so lucky to have three amazing ones. I just wish they lived close enough to pop into each others kitchens for a chat on a whim....

    Thanks Swanski...hope you have a good week.