Friday, 8 June 2012

Frugal Food Friday - Bubble and squeak omelette

I don't remember ever having bubble and squeak as a child.  Possibly because there were never any left overs in our house!  So it's been a tasty discovery as an adult...Now whenever I'm preparing a roast dinner, I always ask everyone how many roasted potatoes they want and then I do a few more...There never seem to be enough and  I want there to be left overs so I can  make things like Bubble and Squeak Fish Cakes or omelette with them.

When the potatoes are good organic ones and they've been par-boiled and then roasted with garlic and red onions,  peppers and parsnips,  maybe fresh herbs like sage and rosemary, lemons and chilli a good sprinkling of sea salt and black pepper...they are full of the flavour of all those delicious sweet and savoury things. Then roasted in good olive oil or in the tin along with a  nice corn fed chicken or duck and  the unctuous juices make the vegetables soft and moist and add even more flavour....they make perfect bubble and squeak and the best filling for an omelette ever.  

Just warm them up in an omelette or frying pan with a little oil and add three or four beaten eggs and a bit of seasoning and hey presto you have the tastiest substantial supper ever.  Great when you are tired on a Friday evening. It make a simple meal for two people with a bit of salad or greens. It's so easy to do...but so tasty...yummy...  I love leftovers....

...And if there is any soft cheese in the fridge...usually left from a cheese board when we've had visitors as we're trying to cut down on dairy... A bit of brie or camembert or sharp goats cheese, I pop a few slices on top and it melts into the omelette giving a lovely deep tang to it.  A bonus is that it's a real moment of nostalgia for me. Dad didn't cook very often but the one thing I remember him making is camembert omelettes for him...Just simple egg/milk and camembert ones for Sunday supper. After roasted dinners at lunch time, suppers where often help-yourself and I remember we'd make our own omelettes or maybe pancakes on Sunday evening. I don't think anyone else liked stinky cheese but I remember dad would sometimes share his with me...A little quality moment with my father and his camembert omelette...those were the days...

I love bubble and squeak too when warmed up in a frying pan and little wells made in the top to hold whole cracked seasoned eggs.  Covered with a lid and then baked. Then when you push your fork into them the egg yolk runs out making a sauce that is delicious with the savoury vegetables...Oh my mouth is watering...I must get some breakfast....

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  1. I want to prepare it for my family just so I can say the name when I serve it, bubbles and squeak is a great name for a dish. And it's nice to now know what it really is as I've heard the name in the past and didn't have a clue.

  2. The name comes from the sound the vegetables make when you heat them up Tracey. I hope they enjoy it.

  3. I love left overs - they can be repurposed to so many things! Vegie soup makes a great pasta sauce for instance.

  4. Me too...I just hate to waste food. That's a good idea about using soup as a pasta sauce...I must give that one a go. Thanks for sharing.