Tuesday 7 August 2012


Weekend was welcoming H back home for six months.
A treat of scallops for supper that didn't go down as well as anticipated.
Thunder and lightening.
Lots of sorting out and decorating H's room and my study.
Having breaks to drink copious amounts of herbal tea out of  lovely gift of mugs from sister P...an excuse to watch Gold Medals being won.

Belatedly (again) joining Amanda at the habit of being for weekending.


  1. oh no, scallops that didn't go over well. boo. i love me some scallops! and welcome home h!

    1. Thanks Amanda.

      Someone asked if I would cook them with lots of garlic...which I should have realised would over power their gentle flavour...especially as I cooked it a little too long and so it got a little bitter tasting...not very appetising...never mind I'll know not to use garlic next time!

  2. Glad your H is back home and you are all enjoying some wonderful family loving. My husband loves scallops and could eat them everyday, sorry yours didn't turn out, but now you have a great excuse to do them again. :)

  3. Thanks Tracey...it's so good to have her back home. I must try harder with the scallops next time...it was a shame they didn't turn as I'd hoped...