Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Snow, Swanson, Seed Catalogues and Stocking stitch

The snow came back. This time properly.  The wind blew drifts that closed the roads and sealed us neatly and tightly into our little old house. It was like a big soft white wooly scarf was wrapped right round it.  The fire crackled, we were warm and cosy and it felt a bit like the Christmas holidays all over again. 

Before you knew it, seed catalogues and reading books were out and knitting needles were dancing again.  Promised half done projects got finished and new ones started.  

  • Bergen cowl by Carrie Bostick Hoge
  • La La Simple Shawl by Laura Linneman
  • Chunky tweedy pullover, copied from an old favourite 
  • Finished long promised leg warmers and mitts
  • Working test swatches with vintage wool 

  • Her Every Fear, by Peter Swanson, 2017... Enjoying this easy to read thriller. The first of his novels that I've read and I like his uncluttered use of words. 
  • Pouring over new seed catalogues. Sarah Raven's is always a favourite even though some edible flower seeds I bought didn't germinate. It's such a pretty one. Chiltern Seeds too... 

are you coming too? debx  (you can link over to her here


  1. Isn’t wonderful that snow makes us feel so cozy?! Enjoy you knitting time.

  2. A Sarah Raven seed catalogue landed on my doormat a few days ago, which means Spring isn't far away now! That's a lot of snow... hope you are managing to keep warm. Nice coat rack by the way :)

  3. beautiful knitting and photos :) look at your snow! you have more than me :)

  4. Look at that snow! Helping to cool me down as it is still boiling here in Oz! I love seed catalogues; I tend to keep them from yer to yer just to look at. All your knitting looks lovely. Grey is always a fabulous colour for handknits.