Sunday 19 September 2010

Saturday, I didn't want to go anywhere except the garden. We gathered our little harvest. Windfalls off the grass and then climbed up the ladders to pick the mulberries to make sweet-sour, syrup and sorbet and some of the good apples to store for the winter or makes pies and crumbles.


  1. I've always wondered what mulberries look like - what do they taste like? Fantastic pics, now I have serious garden envy. There's nothing like an English summer, is there? (I am suffering severe hemisphere dislocation at the moment, can you tell?!)

  2. When they are really dark red, almost black the juice burst out of them and it's really sweet just before this stage they have slight sourness which is lovely. It's really hard to describe like a mixture of all your favourite berries all rolled into one!

    I know how you feel....the whole world is a beautiful place....but sometimes you just feel like popping somewhere else for a little bit.