Tuesday 7 December 2010

Don't you think this cabbage is beautiful? The colour is amazing. I think one of the reasons I get so excited about my veg box arriving, besides the fact that everything is so fresh, is that it kind of replaces the feeling I had over the summer when I was actually harvesting my own little vegetables and herbs from the garden.

It's fun too when you find unusual things like these knobbly Jerusalem artichokes in your box. Peeled and sliced thinly they make a refreshing crunchy addition to any salad or slaw and baked and added to potatoes make a tasty mash topping to fish or meat pie...mmm....


  1. Deb, I sent the scarf off today so hopefully by next week you'll have it. When I wore mine to work one of my colleagues said it reminded them of a cabbage just like the one in your photograph!

  2. He he how funny...sounds like it's just my colour!! Thank you so much Caz
    I can't wait to wear mine too....