Sunday, 19 December 2010

Lucy's Brownies

For me some of the best recipes I have are those that have memories associated with them. Heirloom recipes passed down from my lovely mum and mother-in-law, my three sisters and five sisters-in-law. I don't remember my grandmothers baking although they were both great cooks, so I don't have any from them. But I have some great ones from friends.

Recent recipes that I've added to that list are from people that I consider to be my blogger friends. Even though in some cases we've never met and know little about each other. We may even live thousands of miles apart. Like cookery writer Lucy who pens the funny and informative KitchenMaid blog and writes for Frankie magazine.

I had to make Lucy's, 'Great Aunt Makiri's Pikelets' a couple of months ago after reading about her amazing great aunt. She sounded like such a spirited lady. Ever since it's become a tradition to make them at weekends. I now think I'm going to have to add another recipes to that list, 'Lucy's Brownies'.

At first I was a little intimidated to try out what she described as 'the best brownie in the world' so didn't tell anyone.....mine might not live up to the description. I carefully followed the instructions on her blog, you can too if you'd like to link to them here......But they did.

Mine aren't quite as deep because I didn't have a brownie pan and so used a circular cake tin, and I left out the cashew nuts but that's only because I forgot to get some and couldn't wait to try out the recipe. But they were still delicious. They are scrumptious and moist and chocolaty with little chewy bits around the edges....mmmm......perfect.

Thank you so much for sharing this with us Lucy.I think I'll be making a lot more over the next few weeks.


  1. HURRAH! Oh I'm so pleased they worked - I mean, I knew they would, but it's a bit nervewracking sending a recipe out into the world and claiming that it's brilliant! They look delicious too, I think I might have to go and ferret around in the freezer for one myself (did I mention that they taste amazing when frozen?!)

  2. OOh I must try a frozen one.....they're not going to last very long.....I caught my husband going down stairs in the middle of the night for one....

  3. That's hilarious, I love that story. It makes me so happy to think of you adopting these brownies, now you have to pass the recipe on to someone else!

  4. I'm sure lots will be asking for it once they try them!