Sunday 19 December 2010

Something fishy

I love fish but it's sometimes been a bit difficult persuading other family members to indulge, especially 'A.' That was until we bought some cute little sardines. I simply coated them in flour seasoned with sea salt, black pepper, lots of crushed chilli flakes, a little smoked paprika powder and ground turmeric. Then panfried them for a few minutes in a drizzle of sunflower oil.

Served with fluffy white Basmati rice, cooked Persian style and with a knob of salty butter placed in the middle that melts into the rice, making it even more yummy. Then sprinkled with sumac which is a lovely refreshing almost lemony spice. Accompanied with tomato,cucumber and onion salsa with a sea salt, fresh lemon and olive oil dressing

Cooked this way the little sardines have a lovely crunchy, spicy coating.

'A' says he will happily eat fish this way three times a week and this is the traditional way to cook fish and rice in the South of Iran where his parents came from. Now he tells me!
This was an excuse to use a fishy image by my favourite fashion photographer Tim Walker.


  1. Hi Debby-I found you thru Lucy's blog. Love your colorful fish dish, very yummy. Also, Lucy's brownies, your beautiful photos...especially the winter scenes. Checked out your other blog as well, and I was so impressed with all the different kind of arts and photos you posted.
    I am now following your blog, as well, and will most likely participate in the Friday's "blog hop"...really catchy!
    Happy Holidays, to you, and yours!

  2. Hi Elisabeth, thank you for coming over and following, and all your kind comments.

    I'll be checking out your blog too and will look out for your posts on the blog hop.

    I hope that you have a happy holiday with your family too with lots of yummy food and fun.

  3. We used to eat lots of sardines cooked in a similar way to this (but without your delicious accompaniments), but alas, we can't get them in New Zealand except in tins! At least, I don't think we can...

  4. Oh that's a shame Lucy because they are so tasty, really good for you and over here they are so cheap to buy.....