Tuesday 18 January 2011

Eat, Talk, Sleep......Knit!

Do you ever find that you have weeks that seem like days, they just fly by...so much to do, and then the odd weekend that seems like a week...but in a good way because you pack so much into it?

Ours was a bit like that. We had an unexpectedly great time. Too much going on for just one posting.

I was really looking forward to Friday night. 'A' was visiting a friend in London and I met up with mine too....don't laugh, in Ikea! I love that place. I swear it's all the lights that attract me....and they've got big comfy sofas to sit on..not that these ones are my cup of tea...taste-wise...

She always asks us to stay over when we meet up but 'A' and I always seem to have so much to do at the weekends. But last Friday we both could. I was ridiculously excited - like a little girl preparing for a pyjama party!! I just wanted to talk and eat and do my knitting
...it's ages since I've had any time to do any..and read in bed. And 'S' had got Julie and Julia for us to watch and made Chinese Prawn Noodles and Indian food.

...Oh and I found this cool textile book that had lovely imaginative ideas that I read and sneaked photos of while drinking loads of coffee and waiting for her to meet up with me.....


  1. Running away from home is certainly something to do more often - that and taking on a few grand adventures from time to time.

    I love weekends that are so FULL of goodness and fun times - it certainly sounds like you had a fantastic time ... you've reminded me that I really must watch Julie and Julia sometime soon.

  2. I know we used to do it all the time .....and had a few of the grander adventures you've mentioned too. There just seems to be no time these days.

    I hadn't heard of Julia Childs before the film was made....She seems a really interesting character...a really annoying voice but I'd love to find out more about her.