Wednesday 19 January 2011

"Run away from home a bit more often"

It didn't take much persuasion to encourage me to stay the whole weekend in London especially when 'A' offered to take me to Harrods! The building is amazing if a bit over the top.......I just love the food hall it's like stepping into a kind of Willy Wonka magical world of food....


  1. Oh my goodness! What an amazing place - your photos are glorious! :)

    ... remind me to run away on an adventure with you sometime soon! ;)

  2. Oh! I don't know whether to clap with joy or burst into tears - beautiful photos, very evocative of that OTT decadence that Harrods specialises in... though I think I'm more of a Fortnum's gal myself!

  3. Tracey took the words right out of my mouth - glorious! Thanks for posting so many images too. Isn't it lovely to know that there are places like this in the world?

  4. It's great when you need a change of scenery. It has that amazing over- the-top, theatrical kind of kitsch 1950's continental feel to it.....I'm sure the staff are all frustrated actors...there's a real element of theatre going on......

    But Fortnum & Mason is a totally different kettle of's elegant and tasteful, amazing tea.....I love the morning jacket's the staff wear and can just imagine bumping into Jane Austen having afternoon tea there......

    I love them both equally...