Friday 1 April 2011

Devendra Banhart - "Little Yellow Spider"

I've just discovered Devendra Banhart over on one of my favourite blogs, Zigouis here and love his upbeat sound...he has a beautifully rusty voice a little bit like my favourite Paolo Nutini. I'm not usually happy when blogs play an audio track as soon as you link over...I usually want to read them in peace and listen to a video if I decide to click on it...but in this case I was happy... this really made me smile....and then when I saw what a colourful character he is...I was even more happy.


  1. I love this song so much... we discovered him last year and play him non-stop at the cottage... isn't he also married to the lovely Natalie Portman?..

  2. I know it just makes you feel so good doesn't it? and he seems such a cool person....I'd love to meet him...

    They were an item for a while but apparently she's now with Benjamin Millepied, a principal dancer at the New York CIty Ballet, who she met whilst filming Black Swan.

  3. oh, that would make sense... actually I think she preggers with his kid!

    anyway, back to the Little Yellow Spider...

  4. I love Devendra Banhart - he's one of my favourites.
    We must share a musical kinship I think! :)

  5. We do seem to like a lot of the same musicians...nice to know a similar musical kindred spirit...