Tuesday 5 April 2011

It would have helped if we could read Japanese

At last time to catch up on some fun things. Sister 'B' came to visit from Sussex....we shopped for fabric, talked a lot, ate a lot of scrumptious food and spent a day making dresses and listening to Bob Dylan's lovely gravely voice singing songs from the Self Portrait album; Regina Spektor, and Badly Drawn Boy.

She brought an amazing Japanese dressmaking pattern book that her son's girlfriend 'M' had asked her mum to send from Japan. We had lots of fun as neither of us can read Japanese!!

I made this dress for me.....
She made this cute one as a birthday present for lovely 'M.'

...and then we planned to do it all again very soon......


  1. Your dress looks AMAZING!!
    I've seen that lovely Japanese dressmaking pattern book doing the rounds ... it looks wonderful! :)

  2. I want to make all the dresses in the book! Once we got our head around the patterns they were really easy to make. I want to make the cover one next...