Saturday 16 April 2011

Seven things you may not really want to know!

Tracey from Quiet Paws has kindly tagged me with the 'Versatile Blogger Award' for which I am very humbled and grateful and feel totally unworthy. Especially as my ramblings have become even more peculiar of late. So a big thanks to Tracey who writes interestingly and profusely with great humour and thought.

The rules associated with this honour dictate that I share seven facts about myself and then pass the award on to others. For those of you who would like to play along I would like to tag: Rel,Lucy,Penny and Dom.

Here are seven facts about myself:

1. I’ve never been to the circus.

2. I want to make a Tepee. (...and I'm sure I will)

3. I didn’t know that gingerbeer was alcoholic.

4. I have every single one of H’s milk teeth secreted away in a tiny box that looks like a Chinese tea caddy, along with the hospital identity bracelet from when she was born. I remember asking the nurse what LG meant and she said “live girl.” It made me feel so lucky that my little baby girl was live and well even though she was very tiny, just 5lbs 2oz. Dolls clothes fitted her. It also made me sad for those little babies that didn’t make it and I couldn’t imagine how bad their mums felt.

5. I sometimes wear a bright pink lipstick that used to belong to mum. It probably sounds really weird or kind of disturbing to other people but the perfume reminds me of her. When I was a little girl and she was going out for the evening with my father she would come and tuck us all up in bed and kiss us goodnight. I can still remember the scent of her Coty face powder and bright red lipstick. She looked beautiful.

6. I love watching Ice Road Truckers.

7. I used to knit in the bath.

Tracey may now be wishing that she'd never asked!


  1. Thanks Debby!! I 've done mine already! You don't knit in the bath anymore?? Too sad!

  2. Wow, that was quick Rel. No I don't do the knitting in the bath thing anymore but I do read in the bath and have lots of soggy books to show for it...Maybe I should have another go....I'm not quite sure how I managed to do it now...

  3. Thanks so much for taking part Debby! I love each and every one of your answers.

    You say you're not worthy of such an award? Oh my, that couldn't be further from the truth - your blog is always a delight, and I love the variety of things you blog about. Thanks for your lovely kind words about my blog - you really are the sweetest! :)

    Making a Tepee would be lots of fun I would think ... I seem to recall attempting to make them as a child ... I do hope you do this!

    That's such a lovely story about your beautiful daughter ... it's wonderful to have physical reminders of things we are grateful for.

    I completely understand your thoughts on wearing your mum's lipstick ... fragrance is such an important trigger of memory.

    Haha, Ice Road Truckers is the best!! And I love how you used to knit in the bath ... I don't think I'm coordinated enough to do that (I'd just end up with soggy wool!). ;)

  4. Never been to the circus - I can't belive it! If you want some tips on putting up a tipi, check out the clip over at the Brooklyn Museum where they have an exhibition on at the moment.

  5. snap - I am planning to make one of these asap for the boys to play in the garden with...

    lovebeth x1

  6. Oh thank you for your lovely comments Tracey. I do really want to make a tepee...hopefully this summer. Like you, we were always making dens as children..tents using sheets thrown over the washing line, tunnels under sideboards and chairs....those were the days...

  7. It's true Caz....I even persuaded Ahmad to get us tickets. He'd been a million times as a child and so wasn't really inclined to go again. But I was ill and so missed going! So just he and Hannah went. I kind of think it's too late to go would never live up to my expectations. I think I shall have to satisfy myself with 'Water for Elephants' when it's released over here...I think that will probably portray the kind of circus I dream of going to... a vintage one...

    Thanks for the link to the Brooklyn museum Caz it's really helpful. Great to learn how the fabric is actually attached to the pole frame.

  8. Oh Hi Beth, good to hear from you. I hope that you and the little men are all OK, the big one, too!

    What a coincidence. Thanks for the link to the tutorial. We will definitely have to compare notes.