Tuesday 12 July 2011

A Couple of things in common with Nigella

When it comes to food, like Nigella I am sometimes extravagant but never wasteful, and I love leftovers. I also love when the two pairs of shoes kicked off in the hall turn to seven or more and the old school table actually gets fully set and I can lift the big white charger off the wall and fill it with food.

I can think of tons of times when I've been helping people clear up the dishes after some kind of foodie get together and rescued a tasty morsel from being thrown in the rubbish or compost bin in the nick of time...It's amazing how many people don't know that roasted vegetables make the best sandwich with houmous (and cold chicken too if you have any) and there something so indulgent about left over desert for breakfast.  Especially if you've spent two whole days cooking and can't be bothered doing any more for a bit.


  1. you are so right, roasted vegis amazing with hummous and your sandwich looks so delicious!

  2. Such a lovely thing to have people over for dinner, especially when you can take your time and really enjoy the cooking!

  3. So often guests come unexpectedly Rel or we ask them on the spur of the moment, or when we're really busy with lots of other things that it's nice when I have enough time to plan and cook things a little more leisurely.