Thursday 14 July 2011

My creative Space

It seemed like a shame to relegate this cute little kitchen bin to be all mashed up and made into something new. It still had so much more life left in it.

So when a friend asked me if I would drop it off at the recycling centre on my way home, I asked if she minded if I recycled it myself.

I filled with homemade compost, Planted dill seeds and it’s made a perfect portable raised bed to grow herbs like this luscious dill to add to my edible garden.

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  1. dill is damn good too!... cant wait to see what you cook it with!

  2. fortuitous...I have also planted dill this week.:)

  3. I've got lots of plans already...I especially love dill with fish, and make a Persian rice dish to serve with fish that has lots of dill, broad beans and garlic...yummy...