Sunday, 24 July 2011


Walking past Bleroni's in Jericho yesterday we pricked up our ears at the cry of "action"...and looked over to see a spot of filming going on...(you can hear too if you listen carefully.)I wonder what it was. I don't think an episode of lovely Laurence Fox about...although they could have been filming the back story, or maybe it's a low budget independent film... 'A' recognised the actresses but couldn't remember their names or anything they'd been in! I never recognise people when I see them off the big I was no better

...except at Easter when I popped into Waitrose in Abingdon to do a spot of food shopping and walked straight into diminutive Helena Bonham Carter, all dark hair piled up on her head, vintage floral dress and black flip-flops...I told H and she said the flip-plops were probably Vivienne Westwood... Miss B-C looked me straight in the eye a bit like a startled hare! I wasn't sure whether to tell her that I love her work, that I had enjoyed The Kings Speech, or just pretend I didn't recognise her. I'm not sure of the etiquette of these things. She looked as though she might just want to get on with selecting olives in the deli section, so I walked on. I feel so bad that I didn't just smile...I would have to any other shopper. I then turned a corner and almost walked into her partner Tim Burton pushing an over-flowing shopping trolley, all wild black hair, looking twice as tall and dressed head to toe in black! I think I was more than a little star struck...

The funny things is that of all the actresses H.B-C is probably the one who I should least recognise considering her filmogrophy and the costumes required...Planet of the Apes, Sweeney Todd, Harry Potter and Alice in Wonderland...mmm...curious...

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