Tuesday 26 July 2011

Recipe Sharing

Persian Quince Casserole served with Saffron Rice,Slow Cooked Lamb with Broad Bean & Dill Rice, Mixed Salad and fresh herbs; and an opportunity to share recipes with family in London last weekend.

... and another invitation to share recipes, but this time by email. Like other blog writers I often receive requests to endorse products or put links to other websites on mine. I usually avoid doing so because my blog is personal and I don't really want it to become commercial with lots of advertisements. Unless maybe for some little craft or art project,or good cause. But if I love something, like Marmite, I tell you about it, the same way I would any friend. I have tested things like my gorgeous tagine and then given an honest review, or even had free giveaways to share with readers, and I'm really happy with those too.

But I've been asked to contribute to an online resource that sounds as though it will be very useful, and to ask if anyone else would like to do so. It's a wikiproject called Mycitycuisine a travellers guide to local cuisine. You can link to it and have a look for yourself here if you would like and then maybe share some dishes local to your city....

...hum...I'm not sure what I would consider to be our local dish...

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