Saturday 10 September 2011

Claire's Grandma's Biscuits

When H was little she would sometimes play with her schoolfriend Claire who lived at the end of our  road.  I think those times mostly involved around playing in the woods.  Other times they would go to Claire's grandmother, who live at the other end of the road...we're in the middle.  On those days they would usually bake biscuits.

I found the recipe for Claire's Grandmother's Biscuits  the other day and had a go.  They are so easy a child could make them!  


  1. These do look lovely and child-friendly - have been enjoying your recent posts and, in a terribly stalkerish way LOVED the pics of your dining table with the cake. Lovely house and oh, so tidy! Do you remember how much mess toddlers make, or was H a very orderly child?

  2. Thanks Lucy...I am so untidy when I work so have to do loads of tidying when we have visitors...I'm always being accused of using every dish and pan in the house when I cook...but I think that's because I'm usually making two or three dishes at a time..

    like mine I think Hannah's tidiness was cyclical...when she was tiny she liked things to be in place and would match all the shoes up in line! but when she was a bit older had the whole garage to play in if it rained...that's where she had her dragons school and vets surgery! ...then she was the most untidy teenager imaginable but usually kept all her stuff in her room. Now she's reverted to her tidy self and asked me the other day 'what's happened to you recently you used to be so tidy !?' I think I'm going through my own second teenage...

    But I have to say I do like homes that look 'lived-in' with kiddies toys around and books and projects on the go and you can always tell from a close look in someone's kitchen how much cooking they do. If it's always too clean and tidy I presume that don't do very much...!! ...that's my excuse when it's untidy...