Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Yarn along

H came home unexpectedly for a few days.  A surprise visit for A's birthday. Over the last few months we've chatted on the phone almost every day, on-line too...even met up in London or she's made odd overnight stays, but they've always been flying visits when there were other visitors here's not quite the same. I miss her so much.

So I took some time off work while she's home. Then she got an awful flu cold, so we did homely cosy things.  We watched Arrietty which reminded me of school.  I clearly remember sitting on Mrs Stevenson's knee at Seymour Park primary school, whilst she read The Borrowers to us.  

When she was feeling much better we made these biscuits 

Then she asked me to remind her how to knit.  So we had a fun knitting tutorial. 

 And because I wanted to spend time with her and hadn't got any knitting on the go...(I'm waiting for some very cute patterns that are on order from here)...I started to crochet a striped cushion cover in colours that kind of go with the front room, from oddments in the knitting bag.  Just simple big colour block stripes.  

...and reading?  I'm still loving The Thrifty Forager by Alys Fowler and totally agree with Henry David Thoreau's sentiments: 
"You cannot buy that pleasure which yields to him who truly plucks it." It makes me want to start off jam making sessions like the Fallen Fruit artists in Los Angeles.
I've linked over to Ginny's yarn along at her lovely small things blog.  Why not check out what others are reading and making  too...


  1. What a lovely post! I wish I could crochet, that blanket looks so pretty.

  2. Thanks little macaroon...if you can knit you'll find crocheting so much easier to do and it grows very quickly.

    There are lots of really easy tutorials to follow on this one here
    to much more complex ones..

  3. Hope our library gets a copy of Arrietty! Love the gift wrapping you did too.

  4. One of my favorite things to do in the world is sit with a friend and chat while we both crochet! I think I need to get to it in these cozy fall months...

  5. debby there is so much here to love. is it your daughter that came home? i do know just what you mean about that precious time together, and i'm glad she's recovered from the flu.
    the bisquits look delious,and i forgot i am so interested in that book, i'll have to find it.

    the colors of your crochet cushion are perfect in your room, and so lovely and modern, i love it.

    now i need to reread this post and see what i missed(still need to watch the video and see the artists in los angeles, which is not too far from me).

    i've enjoyed my visit here today, thank you so much for all you've shared.

  6. so sweet, i do remember my children loving the borrowers, i'll have to rent arriety for my grandchildren.
    and i can't wait to see what you've ordered from little owl. love all her patterns.

  7. that is a great cushion cover and it does totally match! yummy looking biscuits too...ah makes me yearn for the cold days ahead.


  8. Hi Meadow,

    Thanks for coming over. Arietty is a lovely sweet film I just love some of those Studio Ghibli films.

    Oh and thanks for the comment about the gift wrapping. I was trying to be all green and eco-friendly so I'm glad it turned out ok.


  9. Hi Vmichelle,

    Judging by your recent posts you'll need to be doing lots of crochet and knitting over the next few months....I'm so happy for you and your partner. :o)


  10. Hi Lori thank you for visiting again. I really look forward to your comments.

    Yes Hannah is my daughter. She's such a lovely person and we really miss her living at home. She graduated with an English Literature Degree in London this summer and is working there for a year before she continues her studies.

    She got a job straight away, even before her graduation and so wasn't able to have the summer off and come home. Which was great, as the job situation in the UK isn't too good at the moment. She hadn't thought it would be so easy. But it would have been really nice if we'd had the summer together first. She seems too young to be doing a proper job yet!

    Arrietty is a lovely film. One of my nephews got hooked on Studio Ghibli films a couple of years ago when he was living in Japan for a year and visited the studios. Then he introduced us to them. They produce some lovely gentle films that are great to watch when you're not feeling a hundred percent and just want something nice and calm and not too serious to watch.

    I can't wait for my Little Owl patterns to arrive too, hopefully they'll have arrived before the next Yarn Along and I will have started making something to show.

  11. Hi Jen,

    thanks for visiting...and nice comments. We've been having a bit of an Indian Summer but autumn is definitely in the air and October one of my favourite months...I agree it's a great time to indulge in all these homely pursuits.