Monday 3 October 2011

Foraged greens with crunchy crumb baked fish

Although I will always be loyal to  Miss Dahl's Voluptuous Delights I think my obsession is slowly being overtaken by that for Alys Fowler’s, The Thrifty Forager

I now find myself walking around with my head either glued to pathways, or in the clouds, checking out trees and bushes for edible bounty.

I think I shall soon be aware of every fruit tree in the area and may even be able to draw a map to equal those  created by Fallen Fruits. 

I love the letter that Alys wrote to ‘darling’ admitting that the spinach she had been serving him in soups, pies and risotto’s was actually “wild things.”  Be it stinging nettles, dead nettles, purslane, oraches, fat hen, good King Henry, goosegrass, dandelions or thistles…!

I may soon have to write a similar one to my own darling! A recent foraging trip provided nettles, dandelion and baby beetroot leaves that sautéed with a little garlic provided a succulent bed for crispy crumb baked fish. 

A quick crunchy mushroom and walnut crumb topping for white fish was made using this recipe here. This time I also added a bit of turmeric to give a little colour and extra earthy spice flavour.

Somehow it all seems to taste so much better when it's gathered from the wild...


  1. Sorry I've been so quiet of late but work, school holidays, dealing with tradies etc has left little time for anything else! I have been reading your lovely blog though and have been enjoying your foraging posts (the bramble berry cake looks scrumptious). Not sure there is much to forage around here but my eyes are open...

  2. Oh that's no problem Caz I know how busy you are. That's why I'm even more pleased when you do get time to come over and comment. I'm just glad that everyone is ok.

    Your home will be amazing when everything is completed, but like you I find choosing paint and tile colours to be really stressful. I can't wait for the reveal...

    Fortunately I don't have far to go to forage...I have a handy supply of both weeds and dandelions in my own garden...!