Thursday, 10 November 2011

Yarn Along

I picked up Gustave Flaubert's Madam Bovary (Margaret Mauldon's recent translation) and can't put it down. He paints the most amazing pictures of country weddings and grand balls, to processes that make up the minutiae of every day life...albeit in 1800's France. I want to walk down those smell the the insects...I'm not even interested in the story.  I know that it involves characters that may have less then perfect morals but I'm sure there will be a moral ending with a lesson to learn. It will be written using wonderful metaphors and simple un-flowery language...(I'm not keen on the over-use of adjectives)...I just want to drink in all those lovely words.

As for knitting...I pulled a muscle in my back trying to pick up big pots full of soil that were obviously too heavy for me, as I was putting the garden to bed for the anything involving back muscles, including knitting has been tortuos...I just about managed to make one more pair of wristwarmers for the Christmas stocking-filler pot...

and I've been watching lots of youutube tutorials to find out how to join up knitting on a circular needle, so that I can finally make the deer antler hat...a birthday is coming up rapidly...I'm not sure why I have struggled so much with circular needles, I've used double ended ones hundreds of times...I suspect my needles are too long...

I found this tutorial really good and Judy sounds so lovely and motherly...

I'm linking over to Yarn Along again today...why not pop over for a look...


  1. I must ask--is that a handknit cover for your couch/chair in the second picture? It looks lovely! And so do the wristwarmers. :)

  2. Hi October Rose. Yes it is. I had an old sofa which had sentimental value but need re-covering so I decided to up-cycle it by knitting a big cover like a massive cardigan that fits it's nice and comfy to sit on.

    Thanks for the nice comments.

  3. I'm thinking the book sounds wonderful, I just finished listening to something about Civil War America and while the characters were not all saintly it was both interesting and entertaining. History sure is amazing.
    Lovely wrist warmers and great idea for your couch.

  4. I agree Mistea. Although Madam Bovary is a novel there's so much detail in it that makes it full of social history. I find it fascinating. Thanks for the nice comments about my knitting.