Saturday, 10 December 2011

Four Ingredient Broccoli Soup

I made this four ingredient soup when I was at home with a sore throat and swollen glands and couldn't face lots of cooking.

A quick pantry forage revealed a head of broccoli and tons of amazing smelling rosemary  and a good vegetable stock cube.

So I chopped up the broccoli and popped it into a saucepan, covered with stock and a branch of rosemary (a small one)...then I remembered Nigel Slater's tip  learnt from Tuscan housewives, to add the rind of the Parmesan cheese.  Not grated on top, but cooked in the soup along with the vegetables until it's melted away to nothing...mmm...actually I just put a big chunk into the soup whilst it was cooking and it was delicious...

It just took the twenty minutes or so needed to cook the broccoli until soft enough to melt the cheese and blend in...then a quick whizz...and served up with a squeeze of lemon juice (vitamin C for the sore I'm not counting that as an ingredient)

...I must have been feeling really ill...I thought it took ages to blend and was still a little bit lumpy...When I came to wash up the dishes afterwards I realised I used an electric hand whisk instead of a blender...!!!  


  1. Sounds like just the thing when you're feeling under the weather (I did laugh about the electric whisk!).

  2. It was scary Caz...shades of premature!