Wednesday 7 December 2011

Gressingham Duck with roasted vegetables,

Well I'd get no marks for presentation  if Michel Roux jnr could see this plate...or heaven forfend...Monica. I'd be in deep trouble! But 'A' absolutely loved it.   This was my way of apologising for recent hurried suppers. Although truth be known this was very quick to prepare...although a little longer to cook.

I pricked two Gressingham duck legs with a fork and then placed in an oven-proof dish.  Added a little olive oil, parr-boiled potatoes, bay leaves, sea salt and crushed black pepper. Then cooked in a moderate oven for about an hour,until the skin was all crispy and brown and the meat really succulent and tender.

Served up with steamed cavolo nero (black tuscan cabbage) and sweet bunched carrots and grainy Dijon mustard for me...

...and A's favourite way with gravy,a warm baguette,Colmans English mustard, on a tray in front of the television...preferably watching something involving nature presented by David Attenborough...

This would work really well with a redcurrant sauce made by shallots, redcurrant jelly and red wine vinegar...mmm... a nice mid-week treat...


  1. totally totally delicious... I think it looks stunning... this is my favourite way to cook and eat duck... so jealous i'm not having this for dinner tonight... or am I coming round?

  2. Sorry Dom...too late it's all gone...!

  3. Looks delicious. I've never actually cooked duck although I somethimes order it when I go out. Perhaps next year I'll be brave and try your recipe...P.S The new blog design looks great and I'm so glad you have your photos of you Mother back on your sidebar.

  4. Hi Debby
    I'm doing another giveaway. I honestly don't think I have done one since we first met!

  5. Caz, thanks for the comments about the design...the images of mum just disappeared when I changed the format. Had I kept it in that style I would have eventually written an 'about' page and put images of myself and mum and mama on there I'm glad I didn't need to. But so many people said they had difficulty reading or commenting that I decided to change it back to a simpler format.

    Duck is really easy to cook. As long as you are prepared for copious amounts fat...which makes the best roasted potatoes...

  6. Jodie,
    Oh thanks for letting me know...I'll pop over and have a look...


  7. Hello, I've just recently posted a Gressingham Duck recipe too. Not sure it shows up on here yet - just joined and not sure how it's working! Found it quite hard to photograph too. Anyway, nice to meet you.

    I'm at - this box doesn't seem to wan to accept that. Hey ho.