Thursday 18 March 2010

This is for you 'S' - Spicy Sardine Bake

My poor friend 'S' unlike me loathes fish...but the Dr. has told her that she needs to eat lots of it because it's full of vitamin D. I have to say that even though I do love fish, I'm not so keen on some of the oily ones like sardines...

So my dear 'S' I have devised this recipe for you because it contains all the yummy good things that you do like, such as garlic and chillies. Hopefully it will taste so good that you don't even notice that it has fish in it! I hope you like it...

I suggest that you buy these spicy piquant Moroccan sardines from Waitrose they are a little bit dearer than the essential ones but loaded with chilli goodness. They are very hot. If your budget doesn't allow though you can just use plain ones and add one or two chillies to taste.

You will need per person:
  • A can of sardines
  • chilli pepper if they're not piquant
  • About a third to a half of a can of cooked chick peas
  • Half a can of chopped tomatoes
  • One medium size new potato
  • A clove of garlic
  • Salt and pepper
  • A little mature cheddar cheese
  1. Wash the potato and slice thinly and Cook in a small saucepan of boiling salted water intil tender.
  2. Meanwhile open the sardines and place in a small frying pan with a little of the oil, add the crushed garlic and cook together for a couple of minutes.
  3.  Add the chopped tomatoes, and drained chick peas and season well. Heat thoroughly.
  4. Add the new potatoes and if necessary a drop of the potato water to thin out the sauce. 
  5. Top the ingredients with some of the cheese, grated or thinly sliced. Let it cook for a a couple of minutes so that the cheese melts and all the ingredients meld together...mmm
  6. Transfer to a small oven proof dish and top with a little more cheese and heat under a grill until the cheese bubbles up and browns.
I think a really crisp salad complements this well. Something like thinly sliced red onion and tomato with celery tops. Dressed as you like, but I wouldn't use anything too oily maybe a hint of balsamic vinegar and just a tiny drizzel of olive oil.

Let me know what you think 'S'.......

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