Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Yummy Product

I've found a lovely food product. Tyrrell's hand-cooked potato chips. It's not a new brand, except to me. I'm not usually a big fan of crisps or chips. I might occasionally pinch one off A's plate in a restaurant if they are nice and salty and crisp, he's very generous with his food.....but I never really buy potato crisps unless H is at home.

That was until last week when I saw Billy in an episode of Eastender's eating a ham and cheese sandwich (something else I don't eat.) He asked his girlfriend to put some crisps in for him.......that was it....after that episode I couldn't get crisp sandwiches out of my mind.

Eventually I succumbed. I spotted the awesome packaging on the Tyrell's range when food shopping at the weekend. They sounded quite healthy with good ingredients and they are made on Tyrrells Court Farm that has been producing potatoes for three generations in Herefordshire, not too far away. I bought a large packet of Cider Vinegar and Sea Salt potato chips thinking it would last all weekend......but no....once the packet was opened, that was it.....they are so flavoursome and not at all greasy. Great addition to a sandwich but also delicious alone. I'm totally hooked. I highly recommend them and have just been on their website....which is a really nice one it has some lovely old black and white photos on it. You can link to it here if you'd like to have a look. I even reviewed them I think they are such a great product! and signed up to do taste tests for them..... and discovered that another product that the producer Will Chase whose been making them since 2002 is responsible for is Tyrrel's potato vodka! and his Chase Vodka is apparently the World's Best Vodka. Who would have thought it....produced in Herefordshire!!

They also make beetroot and parsnip and other root vegetable chip, some in really cute packaging, can't wait to try those too.

I stupidly bought two more packets yesterday....large family ones again thinking they would be useful when everyone's here at Christmas whilst watching TV...fatal....I'd already almost eaten a packet by the time I got home......
...well it is nearly Christmas........


  1. Sorry I haven't left a comment for a while. Like everyone else I think I've just been busy getting ready for Christmas (with special emphasis on making sure that we have everything the kids have asked Father Christmas for). Your cut-out snowflakes are just so elegant both with the light in front and behind them - and you made so many of them!

    Those chips look pretty amazing too. I try not to buy too many chips but when I do they are the sort I go for...

  2. Oh please don't worry about that Caz there aren't always things you may feel like making comments on. It's a really busy time especially if you have little ones....I hope you enjoy all the preparations. It can be great fun but sometimes get out of hand and be a burden. Hope you're still enjoying it.

    Thanks for the comments about the snowflakes though....we loved them and then watched WIll Farrel in ELf this weekend make similar ones!!! I still like them though....and like a mad elf am making even more!!!