Sunday, 27 February 2011

Fat Commas and Exclamation Marks and Sandals and Jumpsuit to die for...

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I took last week off work to nurse a toothache and bad chest and catch up on an art project for next month....and have a bit of fun too.

nice gentle film The Kings Speech, loved the performances and shabby distressed interiors...

...part two of 1930's drama South Riding

...and 'A' who was on holiday from school mark a million exam papers and make delicious pizza's using Jamie Oliver's Thirty Minute pizza dough recipe although he baked them in the oven and not on the hob.
Made: a shadow lamp and Foolproof Madeira cake topped with slivers of almond and pistachio's and ate with yoghurt and blueberries.
Had: a Polyannah moment skinning broad beans to make Dill, Broad bean and Garlic Rice to eat with fried sardines and prawns that looked like fat commas and exclamation marks.
Was treated: by 'A' to new dress for exhibition, and myself to Marie Claire magazine and covetted dusky pink jump suit and wedge sandals...
I promised I'd show you when I'd got the magazine , didn't I?....wouldn't you just die for those shoes?

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  1. Just look at all that beautiful food!! You have a truly gourmet household!
    I'd say it also looks like a wonderful time, and I suppose it was (apart from the toothache and bad chest - I hope you're feeling much better now).

    I love the jumpsuit and the sandals ... oh, and I really enjoyed The Kings Speech too - wonderful performances all round! :D