Saturday, 5 February 2011


Just when I was missing my sisters one phoned from Chester as I clicked the button to publish the post (slight exaggeration) and I read an email from another one in West Sussex that I'd missed the night before suggesting getting the train over, meeting up at favourite fabric shop in Oxford, cadging lift with 'A' to London to visit Ikea, stay over then husband come at the weekend to see us all and take her back.

I must get ahead with my work.....sounds like an awesome plan...... the way I found this lovely image at this really nice blog here and have been dying to find an opportunity to use it.......perfect.....


  1. love that where can find two people with long hair to try it out?!

  2. Lovely image. I miss my sisters too at the oddest moments and often have that same experience where I'll be thinking of them and they'll call or vice-versa. I do so wish we all lived closer together. Hope you did get the catch to up with your sister and hang out in Ikea!

  3. Lovely photo. I need to organise another weekend away with my sisters for some girlie laughs, with lots of chatting.

  4. It is beautiful Rel....they have amazing thick....a bit like my daughters'.

    It's weird how that thing happens Caz....I think that your's are even further apart than mine so it must be even more fun when you do get together....

    Hi Alison....thanks for coming over....I hope you do manage to organise time with your sisters......