Sunday, 12 February 2012

Free Valentines Day Card Downloads

image via

image via

I found  amazing downloads to make these Valentines day cards over on the Martha Stewart website, plus instructions here.  As well as 43 more ideas for Valentines cards, a play list you can download, craft party ideas, gifts to make, recipes...and I could go on. All for Valentines day. So much, you just have to check them out for yourself.  

I was smitten! I had absolutely no excuse not to make a little effort, most of the work was already done for me.

I loved the mail box it seemed suitably masculine for 'A'. I had bits of red card and even a large red envelope left over from Christmas, secreted away in the study desk. So I stole downstairs early Saturday morning with a big mug of peppermint tea...a chance to use cute diving lady mug...a Christmas gift, thanks S...(must show you the Annie Hall hat she got me sometime too...)to start work on a card and my own play list...

...and planning a special breakfast for Tuesday. 'A' has a really sweet tooth...maybe chocolate croissants or heart shaped pikelets with maple syrup...but he loves clotted cream too and heart-shaped scones would be perfect...decisions, decisions...

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